NHB Pics


Pictures are from Paul Cavaka/Fightclub cavka@iprimus.com.au

These need subtitles. A bit of technical identification would also not go astray.

WOW!!!! Big crowd!

Thanks for the pictures, much appreciated!


Sounds like a HUGE success by the pics.

great pics, well done to sam,lima and soa!

wow! looked like a great show!

Is that the 1st time Soa has been able to get mount and not have his both knees touching the floor? His opponent looks like a big guy. Also i gather thats Nest and Perosh when Perosh has the rear chock on, big effort to get out of that one!

Just goes to show MMA and BJJ are two very different sports!

Great pics.

My pleasure :)

I was kind of refering to a previous post about having MMA clubs lissted seperate on the Australian front page here with their links, but others seem to be happy with the way it is. I was just pointing that out. :)