nice! GRACIE NATIONALS no points,subs only, 15 min

 Huge props to Rose Gracie for having the balls to make the Gracie Nationals a submission only tournament. Just like her grandfather would've wanted it, no points, no advantages. How cool is that :)



 sorry, but a real sub only tournie has no time limit


sub only is time limit is ideal but, maybe w/ the 15 min time, the competitors will go balls to the walls and, "GO FOR IT"!!

wish i was closer, would love to see/compete in this.

SleepBomb -  sorry, but a real sub only tournie has no time limit

Lol...oh, ur being serious. My bad. Phone Post

 as much as I understand the challenge aspect of a no-time limit match I'm pretty sure it would be torturous sit through and watch hour+ long matches all day long.

I'm currently injured but i really want to go to this I've been wanting to do a sub only and it would be great to see GM Mansor again.

Tt Phone Post

SleepBomb -  sorry, but a real sub only tournie has no time limit

If the average bJJ player can't catch a sub in 15 min....they ain't really going for it! Sorry but must players aren't Rafael Mendes.

My prediction is that a larger then expected number of competitors (especially purple and up) get knocked out due to the time limit. As a result, if 2013 is sub only it will be sub only without a time limit.

Looking forward to seeing how this goes, but there's already a thread on this...

No time limit sub only sounds good too :) Phone Post

 EVERY tourney should be sub only.

Too many guys play the points game.

Im registered and ready to go!!!

EddieBravo - No time limit sub only sounds good too :) Phone Post

That's how they are here in Ohio Phone Post

I've done no time limit sub only before. I had two 30+ min matches, but there were several that went over an hour. Maybe they could tier the match limits per belt? 10 min white, 15 min blue, 20 min purple, 25 min brown, 30 min black.

us grappling has been running several sub-only, no time limit comps a year for a few years now. they keep pretty good stats and last i heard the average match length was right around 7min.

not to say some people don't have looooooooooooooooong matches, but fewer than you'd think. they've got the bracketing down to a science as well and they usually have no problems adjusting around the slow guys. i've been to 1/2 a dozen or so of these and every one has been a blast.

If it goes the time limit, the competitor who is from the same school as the ref is the winner, same as an ibjjf tourn. Phone Post

Rose Gracie gave some explanations to the tourney on the fight works podcast.

1. The time limit was established because this event is held within the health expo and because of that she really wants to make sure it doesn't go too long just in case one of those long match situation occurs.
2. Matthieu is right too. Rose said she called US Grappling and they told her the avg match time was 7min so 15min is not that bad in her opinion.

what happens after 15 min and no sub?