Nick Denis UFC sex machine

I am so happy and proud for my good friend Nick Denis.

We accomplished step 1 of the staircase that you are climbing my friend, and we got you in the UFC!

A bunch more steps to climb (a bunch of steps littered with Knock Out of the Night bonuses) in this staircase, but we've got your back all the way.

You are a great human being, a great fighter and, almost as importantly, handsome as all hell.

Let's do this babe.

Nick Denis. Current world's sexiest ninja. Future UFC Bantamweight champion.

Very cool. Any names yet for his first fight?

He's fighting Joseph Sandoval on January 20th in Nashville on UFC on FX1.

Nick worked for so many years getting better and better to the point where he's this much of a ninja.
His coach Wade and all his training partners at Ronin helped sharpen him and helped bad-ass him.
And Firaz and The Grant Bros and Jon Chaimberg and all the TriStar guys and so many people were part of getting him here.
He's just getting started. Lotsa work ahead and lots of challenges and victories still.
His goal is not to be in the UFC. Its to win in the UFC for years. And to fight for a title.

Nick will do it.

Big love Nick. :)

Happy to hear another fellow Canadian in the ufc. I took a look at some of his fights and Im def impressed with his stand up. I hope he could make the best of his opportunity and proves to himself he can hang with the best.

There's some gifs of his crazy slam KO win of his last fight out there somewhere. Nuts.

Big congrats again to Nick and Wade and Ronin and Firaz and Tristar and all his training partners.

Dougie, do you know how to find that slam gif and put it here? Its such a cool finish.

I make the sex happen.

Thanks mr robin for the kind words.

big thanks go out to robin for making it happen, my coaches, training partners, the ones that have come and gone over the years. all the sexy men who roll around with me on the mats.

but most of all i have to thank one man - MATT DAMON.

thank you matt damon, for everything you have done for me.


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get a room

Hardstaff - get a room

with Matt Damon?

you're welcome.

Great news.

Go Ninja Go!