nick diaz - exciting fighter

ive been checking out some different 'best of lists'.. and on more than one occasion i am seeing nick diaz's name pop up. his last two fights in the ufc, against robbie lawler and karo respectively.. both seem to have been pretty popular, probably for their nonstop action, as well as versatility (back and forth striking with lawler and all over the place unorthdodox grappling with karo). i dont know much about drew fickett but this fight could be one of a bunch of good fights at ufc 51.. i wish it would be televised.

DAMN RIGHT it better be televised. I enjoy watching anyone from Cesar's camp. Skilled and tough.

The guy is awesome on the mat... I love watching him fight.

I totally agree. He is one of my favorite fighters, and his fight with Karo is one of my favorite fights.

hes a true jiu jitsu fighter who can strike like busta or mino.

he doesent fight strength with strength, defines the term "slick".

Nick is a great fighter and a great guy. He is an intense guy and if you get to know a little bit about him you will understand why. This is a complex sport with a lot of elements to it and Nick has handled himself well.
His fight against Fickett will be just as exciting as his fight with Lawler. Rusty would not steer you wrong.

Is Diaz amnish? Just curious.


Nick Diaz is a great fighter, but he needs to get stronger. I'm not saying lift weights and bulk up, he needs to get more explosive.

I agree his fights are exciting. Hopefully this will make it to ppv.

His fight with Lytle was one of the best fights I have ever seen.

nick diaz rocks. i can not remember a more exciting match than diaz lawler.

Tough fighter but not tough enough to beat Drew bitches.

Very exciting fighter. I agree completely.

diverse skillset

anyone know where to find the Diaz-Lytle fight?

Diaz vs Lytle was a very good fight.

Diaz's standup looked really really flat against Karo.

Diaz vs Fickett could go either way. But seeing as how guys like Hallman and Shakur were both able to mount Fickett I would say Diaz will beat him.

Hallman never mounted Drew, Drew mounted Dennis. I was there and watched. It was a close fight. I am picking Drew to beat Diaz.

i wonder if its because you know him(fickett).

another Diaz fan checking in...