Nick Diaz is back in shape

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Good for him

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… But how are you mentally… You know how are YOU doing, lets work on you.

Are i believe Robbies sentiment which i also use. You don’t need fighting travel train teach and enjoy your life… But damn stay in this shape beep like a mother.

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If only nate was vs Jake

so once again
a diaz will fucking lose and this fans will talk about how he ran out of time

the diaz fans only understand how these guys are super tough
which they are

but they cant see that their lack of physical talent

they are just tough gatekeepers
end of story and no amount of rounds or rules would change that

NOT ENOUGH TALENT to be a top dog


I agree they aren’t good athletes, never could wrestle, and don’t check leg kicks. Despite all of their deficiencies they were both better than gatekeepers and both have good wins over tough fighters.


That’s Diego Sanchez, fucking liars