Nick Diaz vs Nate Diaz at 170 rn, who wins?

  • Nick Diaz
  • Nate Diaz

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I chose Nate based on skill, and based on Nicks snapchat antics last couple years. But Nate is the little brother and definitely looks up to him, would he be able to overcome that? Either way it would be an awesome but weird scrap to watch.

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I don’t think Nate would allow his big brother to lose that fight

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I don’t think Nick would as well.

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I didnt pick either because I think that its too close to call.Back in the day,I would have picked Nick for sure.Now…not so much.


Prime Nick vs prime Nate if they somehow weren’t brothers and had a regular fight…I’d lean towards Nick but not by much.

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I agree with the above two posters.

Their Parents

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Did you ever see the interview where some guy asked Nick if he would best Nate in a fight? Didn’t end well for that guy lol. Not a good question to ask Nick.

Nick always had sharper hands. Didn’t throw as loose as nate and I feel has the speed advantage. Hard to tell now but I think Nick was always the better fighter.


Wladmir vs Vitali 2002 who wins?

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I picked Nate. Not sure why other than how the last few years have been for Nick.

Better boxer. Not a better fighter.

Nate is better in the clinch, takedowns, and probably submissions. Better head on his shoulders too.

I think in this match up you have to favor inactity and the obvious amount of physical abuse (alcohol consumption, terrible sleep, being in clubs etc) that Nick has endured over the last few years . Nate is inactive, Nick is rusted shut.

Yeah you’re right about the clinch. Have to give nate the advantage. Ground is a close call but I always saw nick as the more naturally athletic with tighter technique. Seems like he wouldn’t have to work as hard as nate and would pick things up easier. Complete bored at work speculation.

Prime v Prime Nick destroys Nate

Right now Nate destroys Nick

Don’t know why that made me laugh