Nick Diaz wants fight w Shamrock

Date Posted: Tuesday, June 26, 05:48 PM PST

Nick Requests Fight with Frank Shamrock

Nick Diaz, who is signed with ProElite, has requested to face Frank Shamrock as soon as possible. After a spectacular win against Takanori Gomi, Diaz seems intent on enrolling himself for higher profile fights. With both fighters fighting in the same organization this fight seems the logical next step in what would be an MMA fan's dream come true.

"I watched his last fight and no disrespect intended but I think I would whoop his ass.", stated Diaz. A formal offer of intent has been delivered to the promoters to set this fight up and now we await their response.

He could use some good payday, man I hope he gets it.


Frank will get a chuckle out of this.

Diaz is tall, so he could pack on some lbs to make 185, but he'd be outmuscled from the start.

I find Shamrock delusional and annoying but he would absolutely destroy Diaz. Of course, I said Lawler would do the same thing to Diaz as well. Diaz has always had deceptive power in his striking maybe he will have more at 185.

What high profile fight would you pick for Diaz, given his ProElite contract situation?

Imo the kid deserve some play, and he is always entertaining to watch, win or lose.

I don't see Frank fighting anytime too soon with time it's going to take to get his knee taken care of. Good luck to him, the Baroni fight was awesome.

I'd pay to see that fight.


Nick's too ninja for Shamrock.

IF Frank takes that fight, Nick will paddle that ass.

Frank will not take that fight, however...