Nick Diaz wants to fight Logan Paul?

Can Nick keep it together to train for that?

Fuck man lol… Logan is a worse boxer than Jake but I think even he will clown on Nick. Kinda hurts to watch these guys try to put together sentences. What good is millions of dollars if your brain is mush.


Yeah I’d bet heavy on Logan. He went the distance with Mayweather. I think he can last against Nick


Nick wants that big money pay day.


Diaz bros turning into a joke. Pretty sad for an old MMA fan


Nick made too much sense here, this might be his most normal interview ever. Def took his adderall today lol

That is just sad
Its so cringe i cant even watch it till the end
Is he on coke, crack, meth lol? Definitely some sort of anxiety

The Diaz brothers have no athletic ability outside of having great endurance and bjj. Boxing takes more athleticism than mma. Mma is more about toughness than it is skill. A tougher guy can out will a more skillful fighter in mma but you don’t see that same scenario in boxing.

Seems like Diaz boys are just looking to get a check and not taking it real serious training wise. They missed out on good pay days over the years pricing themselves out of fights that may have kept the em from needing to do this.

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I know them and the scrap pack quite well having worked with them and their teams since the mid 2000s.

Nate is quite well off. He was broke going into the first fight with Connor. After the second fight he was a multi millionaire. Having spent and lost all of it prior was a good lesson. He had in his world “fuck you” money. Hence why he was so resolute with the ufc and his final fights. He was able to say I can and will retire for life from combat sports.

Nick unfortunately has had a lot of problems but his brother will always be there for him. He is actually a really good coach and will always be able to make money doing so.


Sorry GOT didnt see this one . I deleted mine . Too many cooks :slight_smile:

And kOOks

Nick Diaz is like, " Is there a seat for me on this gravy train? Hook a homie up!"

Please no.

lol at turning into a joke. Always have been a joke.

He’d better, dude had like 40 pounds advantage.

i think he even clipped floyd with his windmill and landed something to the back of the head :laughing:

He said he has never had one foot in and one foot out and meanwhile he has had three fights in the past ten years and just last year was talking about his big 2022/2023 UFC return that never happened. Now he maybe wants to box a Paul brother?

Hasn’t Nick talked about potentially boxing for like fifteen years now?

Losing the last of his fans.

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