Nick Gonzalez' Pre-Fight Interview

Nick Gonzalez from Austin, Texas will be facing Rocky Long for the FFC Featherweight Title on December 10th in Biloxi, MS. Gonzalez earned the right to face Long after a "tour de force" win agaist Josh Sauder, of the Gurgel Academy, last September. Below is an interview with Nick conducted earlier today.

FFC: When did you start training?
NG: May 2001, after I saw the early UFC’s. I was completely taken by the sport. I wrestled in High School so I already liked grappling and I had a love of boxing, from growing up watching fights with my Father and Grandfather. I am just glad that now I have a chance to make a living doing what I love.

FFC: Who were the early influences on you as a fighter?
NG: Julio Caesar Chavez, Pedro Rizzo, Ken Shamrock and Tito Ortiz, and Ernesto Hoost.

FFC: That’s quite a diverse array of favorites. Does that have anything to do with your approach to training and your goals as a fighter?
NG: Absolutely, I have tried to take something from each one of them and make it mine. I want to be a complete fighter.

FFC: Who do you train with?
NG: Rudy Vasquez at the Vasquez academy in Austin. He has had a long career in a variety of arts and has a complete philosophy. I think that is why we get along so well, he wants me to excel at each of the disciplines as much as I do.

FFC: What did you learn in your fight against Josh Sauder at your FFC debut last September?
NG: Well, it was my first fight with closed fist rules. In Texas you can only use open hand techniques it like Pancrase®. People always told me that I could really hurt people with MMA gloves, now I know I can.

FFC: Did you have any nervous moments in that fight?
NG: Briefly, he took my back off of a transition, and was I was like “Hey this is not the position I want to be in”. Other that moment I felt like I was pretty much in control. I really didn’t plan to grapple as much as I did, but I was able to grab a kick and ended up getting a take down into an advantaged position. I prefer to trade, but I’ll take whatever you give me.

FFC: You have faced Rocky Long twice before. What do you think of him?
NG: He is really tough,. He trains with a great team, is a great all around fighter, and was glad to see him win the Title Belt. I respect him a lot.

FFC: Do the rules make this a whole new fight or is it just act three of a play you have both been a part of before?
NG: It is a different fight. Firstly, we have both improved a lot since our last fight. Secondly, we will both be throwing closed fists this time. We both have power and the potential for a KO is there at any moment. It’s not like a grudge match for me, its just another fight and Im and me grateful for the opportunity. Rocky and I always entertain the crowd.

FFC: How is your preparation going?
NG: I have had some personal drama to deal with, but other than that I am in real good shape and all my skills are sharp. I have a good team of guys who have worked hard to get me ready. I’m such a perfectionist when it comes to training and I always try to do more each time I’m in the gym.

FFC: What do you think Rocky is going to try when the bell rings?
NG: You never know. I could envision him trying to take my head off, or just as easily see him trying to get me on the ground. Because I know him so well I will be very alert to his intentions.

FFC: Have you adjusted your training regimen for the fight?
NG: I kept same routine. I train hard for everyone, and since Rocky is so well rounded I have done a lot of everything.

FFC: Are you coming into this fight healthy?
NG: I feel really good and am 100% healthy. Cutting weight has caused me to neglect a lot of tortilla’s but I’ll make up for that later. I’m looking forward to this and am glad to be fighting for the FFC again, it was a great experience last time.

I am looking forward to watching this fight. I like both fighters for so many reasons. Either way Nick is right, the crowd will be very entertained.

Great matchup, good luck to both guys. Both will come to throw down so if you can catch this show definitely go.


good interview, i'm looking forward to this one.


ttt BTW, Please don't bother me (anybody) during this fight! :)

Andrew, get back to training!! It's going to be a great fight. I am going with Rocky on this one, nothing against Nick(awsome fighter), but Rocky's my boy.


Nick Gonzalez by KO.

Gonna be a war. To close for me to bet.

Great interview but my decision is still not swayed, Rocky is going to win!!!

Congrats on the win Nick! Congrats to Rocky as well, heard it was a good fight...