Nick Ring wins MMA fight at Bellator 9

I am excited to announce Nick Ring (BDB Martial Arts) made his MMA return tonight, Friday, May 29th at Bellator 9 in Monro, Louisana.

He beat Colorado Springs Chilo Gonzalez in 39 seconds with a guillotine choke.

This was Nick's first MMA fight in 3 years with his last fight being at Deep 23 in Japan in 2006. Nick has been busy fighting in Pro Boxing (5-1) and BJJ/Grappling events in Canada, the US, and Europe (Bronze Medalist at 2008 Fila Grappling World Championships in Lucerne, Switzerland).

Nick's new unblemished 9-0 MMA record.

Now that Nick is back in MMA, I am excited to see him continue to dominate and represent Canada all over the world.

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Sheila Bird

Congrats, great comeback fight

Great job Nick!!! Nice to see you back in MMA.

Hey Nick: Congratulations! On the road to the UFC. I hope your dream comes true!
Mike Miles

Congrats Nick, great to see you back on track!!

It's great to hear that Nick's back in action. Congrats!


Great to hear. Congrats Nick.

Congrats, Nick.

Great job, Lloyd!

hey Sheila, i found this clip of Nick from a few years back... at the end it shows who i think is Matt Hume in his corner. how did that come about?

btw, nice article on you in the paper the other week.

- Ryan

Just saw it. NICE. Way to go, man.

Here a link to the video of his fight:


You broke my heart when you looked like you knew exactly what that guy was saying in spanish then responded in english....haha.

Great job Nick...awesome seeing you back in the "promise" ring.

Good fight. I'm in Utah right now with Horn. He recognized the opponent, and said that's a tough kid. Good job, and wishing you continued success in the future.