Nick"The Lunatic" Portieous

Nick "The Lunatic "Portieous

of Vernon BC's

Proving Grounds Combat Club,

Article in Fri June 23rd/06 Vernon Morning Star(sports)

Titled " Portieous Punch happy "

The Lunatic is blowing up! whats his mma record now?

3-0 pro ( 1-0 am )

its all about the corner man in his last fight. without that sexy man named Aaron Basso in your corner, i dunno what would of happend.

lol ttt for Nick

Nick and the fighters/members at Proving Grounds Combat Club will be under our new head trainer/Instructor next week.

Les Dickens
Proving Grounds Combat Club,
Miletich Fighting Systems
Vernon BC Canada

We are very fortunate to have Nick in our club. He has a bright future. The club sponsors Nick for his housing and training dues etc but its him who puts in the time and energy.We expect big things from Nick and our team in the coming months now that we are affiliated with Miletich Fighting Systems. We will announce Instructor and seminar series next week.

Which day this week will you announce the instructor? the seminar series?

Nick the lunatic? is that the same nick who phoned the police on another fighter after being beat up in a edmonton hotel?

the fight i might add was instagated by nick the whole night. when you start something you finish it and win or lose you don't call the authorities. not a classy move. but other then that congrats with nick's mma future, but after an event keep him away from alcohol and telephones

lol i was waiting for jacob to respond.. whatever happend happend. things got alittle outta hand and i just wanted to sleep, goddamn kids i tell yea lol.

its Aaron btw. i was nicks corner man. what are u looking towards now Jacob? what event or whatever?

i was looking towards joining the HHFC (hotel hallway fighting championships). No i'm not sure yet. I've got a few kickboxing fights coming up. as for mma i think now that i've spent some serious time on my jiu jitsu it's time to get my wrestling down. hey thank you aaron for trying to settle the problem b4 it got out of hand to bad things couldn't of worked out better. but i must say i had a laugh when he phoned the cops. lets just leave it and blame it on the alcohol.
i better get off here b4 the geeks get on this thread and start throwing out weird comments. i hate that shit i shouldn't of even wrote what i did (i guess i was just a little pissed off about the whole "i'm calling the cops, your going to jail shit."). I think this site should be used more as a fight finder and mma info site then some place for internet nerds to sit around and dis each other.
anyways nice meting you man. good luck with your future mma career.
no need for response

heard about that little dust up from the front lady in the morning :) sounded pretty funny.. but really you guys need to leave it in the ring or atleast do it somewhere you wont wake other people up :)

your right man

funny stuff though.. I heard you won it looked like a murder scene upstairs in the morning lol

No announcement of seminar series/new instructor?! Is Proving Grounds CC now closed for biz?

LOL, announcements soon

Les Dickens

Proving Grounds Combat Club

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