Nicktheface Shogun/Jones trailer

Another beast ass trailer from NicktheFace   


Can't Wait!

Pulling for Jones, but VERY concerned about those leg kicks

JoshLovesMMA -  Fuck knows why Zuffa kids want Jones to win, I guess they gobble up any hype that the Rogan/Goldie/DW spit out. Shogun is going to send this kid back to his paster to get reemed in the corn hole some more.

#1, completely unnecessary douchey comment. #2, maybe people like him because he's entertaining and is obviously highly skilled? Not everyone needs to support Shogun...


Damn, that was a great video. I'm really looking forward to this fight. Phone Post

NicktheFace has some great videos.. Thanks for posting this one Griffin

What is it that gets me so fucking hyped about these kind of fights? Phone Post

That's some really good work.

Nicktheface makes sick fuckin trailers ttt shogun wins this fight Phone Post

Copyright infringement - Zuffa LLC on it's way. They only take out the best highlights, fuck knows why!! Phone Post


be interesting to see how bones takes shoguns kicks...