Nik Lentz Responds to BJ Penn


Blue Please

"I don't even and have not worked with Dolce for quite some fighting with me will have nothing to do with Dolce...but for the record...fuck you BJ. You talk too much use to be about actions, but now like the spoiled little rich kid you are, all you do is talk. I'll gladly fight you anytime. So get your mom and daddy to paint you some plans, fly Hawaii out to Vegas, give little baby Penn what he wants and come out of retirement .... This time I'll make sure to retire you properly #BringPennBack"

Damn son Phone Post 3.0

Shots fired Phone Post 3.0

WattMell - Phone Post 3.0
Lol Vu Phone Post 3.0

and then the bass dropped

Wonder what Penn will actually show up in the cage. Phone Post 3.0

Good for Lentz Phone Post 3.0

This is so bizarre. Phone Post 3.0

No Hespect. Phone Post 3.0

Axel Foley - This is so bizarre. Phone Post 3.0

Huge Penn fan. I have no desire to see this or any other fight. Just stay retired man. You're a legend. Phone Post 3.0

So the UFC's trying to build up Lentz? Or are they going to Hawaii. Or both Phone Post 3.0

Sticks and stones boy!!! Phone Post 3.0

What exactly led to this?

Needle Moved Phone Post 3.0

An Expensive Hat - Did Nik Lentz get his hair cut like Conor McGregor or am I looking at this wrong?

Already a Conor sighting on page 1. Impressive.

"paint u some plans"?

lentz done goofed

That was about as gangster a response you could get from Nik.


"I'm not associated with the guy you think I'm associated with, but I'll beat your ass regardless-bring it"

With every fight since he stepped in there with Edgar the first time BJ has done nothing but hurt his legacy.

Thinning Phone Post 3.0