Niko Price vs. James Vick

Up next... I ot Price

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Ill take vick

2 glass jaws fighting


After seeing Vick practice his striking before the fight, no way is he winning...

jesus christ!

What a finish. Vick needs to take a serious break.



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WOW! that camera shot, ouch

Told ya...

That sounded brutal

OMG!.... insane

I never get tired of seeing Vick knocked out


Vick need to be done. Dude is a walking KO reel. 

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Damn. That sounded like Kermit W vs Rudy T, just brutal.

Vicks jaw is shot.  He may make an Arloski like comeback but I doubt it.  He will be slurring his words if he takes more shots like that

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Feel bad for Vick but he needs to walk away. That was another nasty KO.

The sound - jesus.

Vick needs to retire. Chin is completely gone and he's just getting knocked out on the regular. He's never gonna be a top guy so he should just protect his health and get a real job. He gave it a shot and it just didn't work out.