Ninja And Shogun In Philly

Just a reminder that Ninja And Shogun will be holding a seminar at the Philadelphia Mixed Martial Arts Academy on January 17th. Pre reg is a must and at $60 per person, it is a steal. Call 215-467-1008 for more info or e mail

Philadelphia Mixed Martial Arts Academy
1321 S. Juniper St.
Philadelphia, PA 19147

TTT for the seminar and Brad (let me train at his school last time I was in the Philly area) great guy!!!




Where are you from?


Huntington, New York

Cool! Are you closer to Philly? NEw York City or Taunton?



TTT for 2 bad mo-fo's

kungfu, if you were absolutely forced to fight ONE of them, which one would you choose to fight against? I would definitely not choose Shogun! :)

LOl! =) Challenge them to a Chess match or something like that, might work =)

Why not? Although that's was something that came to him in that very moment, I'm sure.


Im like 45 minutes outside of NYC.

So maybe you would like to go to the NYC seminar, or maybe to both =)