Ninja-Filho at Bushido!

what a great fight. finally a solid test for the undefeated Filho and a great addition to the ongoing BTT vs. Chute Box saga.

3 more matches were announced today as well. Check it out at MMAweekly

Is Ninja down to 183?

has potential to be a dull fight if filho has his way

Yeah, Filho went from LnPer to suddenly fighting like an actual BJJer.

Lol Filho And Arona are bad for the sport.

Frank shamrock would beat ninja and Filho

Ryan G is correct.

I've been following Paulo since very early enjoying the power and Arona like abilities... Unforunately that also means the boredom which can sometimes be prevalent...

However, his last 4-5 fights have all been great, and he's shown great JJ. His sub on Suloev was speccy in my opinion.

Professional Fight Record

Result Opponent Method Time Round Event Date Comment Video Available Pictures

Win Keiichiro Yamamiya TKO (Referee Stoppage from Punches) 0:29 2 Deep: Deep 2001 1/8/2001

Win Ikuhisa Minowa Unanimous Decision ([3-0]) 5:00 3 Pancrase: Proof 2 3/31/2001

Win Yuki Kondo Decision 5:00 3 Deep: Heatwave 8/18/2001

Win Akira Shoji Submission (Arm Bar) 2:48 1 Pride 22: Beasts from the East 2 9/29/2002 Purchase

Win Silmar Rodrigo Decision (Unanimous Decision) 5:00 3 Bitetti Combat Nordeste 3 4/1/2004

Win Daijiro Matsui Decision (Unanimous Decision) 0:00 Gladiator FC: Day 2 6/27/2004

Win Akira Shoji Decision (Split Decision) 5:00 2 Pride: Bushido 4 7/19/2004

Win Amar Suloev Submission (Arm Bar) 4:22 1 Pride: Bushido 6 4/3/2005

Win Ryuta Sakurai Submission (Arm Bar) 3:49 1 Pride: Bushido The Tournament 9/25/2005

Mmmm, lots of armbars, love it.

Paulao by sub, 1st round

This will be a very good technical fight. I am looking forward to this one.


But, yeah, what weight is this at?

This should be a good test for both. For Ninja, to get back into it and for Filho since he hasnt faced a good striker/grappler combo.

It should be intersting because Ninja's got that aggressive, go for it style (striking and grappling) but how is he gonna handle such a solid grappler in Filho?

But for Filho, Ninja's big, aggressive, aswell as a good wrestler who is hard to control aswell someone who can hurt with strikes.

Tough call.

I really wanna know the weights because if Filho can still make MW (185/183 whatever), he is one of the best guys coming up at that weight. And I also thought they said since they had Shogun at HW and Silva at LHW, they were hoping to get Ninja at MW though he should have to work quite hard to get down to that.

I assume since it's Bushido...

TTT for the matchup.

Hmm, both these guys were looking pretty huge lately, esp. Ninja of course, but guess he also bulked up for that Sergei fight.

it's 185lbs

"Frank shamrock would beat ninja and Filho"

Very doubtful.........nor would he even take these fights, IMO.


hey it's the drunk mofo again....