Ninja Rua chokes out Mark Weir

in round #2.

This fight was a war. Both guy's dished it out standing, and Rua was hurt pretty badly at points.

Ninja tried several unsuccessful choke attempts, but eventually caught an exhausted Weir in an arm triangle side choke at 1:15 round 2.

Nice fight.

thanks man

gracias, keep em coming

results are here:

Props to Ninja....cant wait to see this.

Any word on how Zelg did?

Any word on how Zelg did?

He won

Ninja had some shaky moments too. Weir had some good kicks and punches that made Nina wobble, but Ninja was relentless with those sidechoke attempts, the first ones Weir defended well, the last, not so well :)

Ninja was never a great fighter.

Ninja looked horrible standing.I really thought Weir was going to win while watching the fight.Ninja was slick on the ground though,however Weir seemed totally clueless on the ground.

Glad Ninja won, doesn't sound like he looked good though.

I've heard Weir has had no formal ground training.

His standup I heard is TKD


ninjas 3rd try at a side choke finally got the tap, and ninja was very wobbled standing a few times

straight punches are chute boxe's cryptonie standing. Though you really see some technical improvements in chute boxe on their bjj and I think they will improve their striking as time goes on too. They are a gym that is constantly evolving in their technique. The reason vanderlei lost to cro cop was straight punches to set up a high kick, that was an interesting fight. wild swings are dangerous but once you know their coming, straight blasts cut it short. Used to despise the team but they are good people.

Weir is a warrior and is unphased by the past and starts each fight brand new going for the ko. AT 36 you can see he is still improving.

IMO Ninja has always had the worst MT of any of the big name chute boxe guys, but he has always been one of the better chute boxe fighters on the ground.

Weir's groundgame looked like shit, ninja used the same setup each time and it almost wasn't a setup, weir just seemed to give it to him each time.