NJ BAMA Fights Cancelled Jan 10th

I just got off the phone with Big Dan from BAMA. Seems that many of the key fighters pulled out with only 2 weeks to go for this event.

The fights were scheduled for Saturday Jan. 10th in S. Plainfield, NJ.

They will be rescheduled for a later date.

I would also like to say how proud I am of Matt Fischer, he is one of my students and trained his ass off for the last 2 months to get ready for his MMA debut. I know I will see him get in the ring by summer.

Guys, just remember, no training is ever a waste.

Please keep this thread up for all the fighters and coaches to see. Thanks

damn, that sucks. BAMA FightNight is a good event.

ttt for Big Dan


I was gonna fight in this event and had planned to put up a post thanking people for helping me when it was all over. Even though i will not get the chance to compete, i still feel a few people deserve to be mentioned.

All the fighters at planet JJ helped me out tremendously. Either by sharing their favorite moves with me or simply sparring with me to get me ready. The Attonito brothers, Mo, Big Rich, Brian, Patti, ryan and many others all contributed to getting me ready.

I also wana give a special thanks to my cornerman Glen Sandull and Jeff Miller. Anyone who has fought knows that having a corner you can trust is a huge advantage. Glen gave me personal training is wrestling and improved my takedowns and takedown defense 100%. I feel very priveleged to have recieved personal training from the champ.

As for Jeff Miller, the man has done so much for me i do not know where to start. Since i started training under him i've gone 6-1 at naga events fighting up divisions(advanced divison after 13 months). I honestly feel hes the best instructor around and that anyone would benefit from training under him.

Again thanks for everybody who helped me, and one day i will make it into the ring.

Matt Fischer

Hope the "key" fighters had reasons for not fighting. That sucks for guys that trained their asses off and don't get to fight.



You are a school's ideal student. You train consistently, take direction well, stay focused, pay attention, ask intelligent questions , while pushing everyone in the room try harder.

I am very upset that this event was cancelled. I am proud to have you as a part of our MMA Team.

-Jeff Miller

Planet Jiu-Jitsu

By the way, Glen and the boys will still be kicking your ass until you go back to school.

ttt for all coaches and fighters to see this

ttt for Jeff's fighter and all the guys who pulled out and cost these guys an opportunity to fight

ttt, unfortunately

hmmm....glen and everyone still kicking my ass till i go back to school... i wouldn't have it any other way.

ttt...c'mon guys..keep this up please


who are the "key" guys??

Shaq Daddy

I was one of the main events..i seperated my shoudler in training.....i'm not sure about the other guys..


Yeah I know you're ducking me, MIKE! ha ha
Sorry to hear that. Heal up dude, don't come back too soon.

Hey I'm moving to CA in a month.

ttt for BAMA. I hope the show can stick around even with having to license the fighters

ring of combat is in february and last i heard, reality fighting is in march - maybe we'll get to see some of the guys who trained for the BAMA show at those events.

dan works hard to put on a good show and always does have good matches at his bama fight night.ttt for big dan,eddy rolon,tom from fcf and the rest of the crew at bama,great bunch of people

LOL, thatcher drop me a line bro...i lost ur email


I will most likely be on ROC5 and RF6