NJ Judo for kids???

I am looking for a Judo school for my 7 year old. Does anyone know of any NJ schools? I am in Somerset County (Central NJ).


One place near you is Hunterdon Judo in South Bound Brook with Senseis Perry Bakari and John Bassano. (732) 469-9009.

The best for level of instruction is Cranford Judo, with Yoshisada Yonezuka. He is President of USJF and the US Sumo Federation and has produced gobs of US champions and Olympians. His kids do very well in competition. (908) 276-3544.

The best combination of fun, atmosphere, level of instruction and competition success is where my son and I have gone - Brick PAL with Andy Ruggiero. (732)477-0144. That's pretty far from you though. It's even farther away for me. I loved it there but got tired of the hourlong drive each way.

Both Perry and Andy were taught by Yone. Indirectly or directly, most of the good judoka in NJ were taught at some point by Yone.

If those aren't workable, post again and I will send some more possibilities.


i go there and its a great school.. might be a bit of a drive..

kids have there own class but also get to work out with the adults at times too.

our sensei runs special tournaments for kids (in honor of jeremy click) i think they are 2x a year.

if you have any other questions please ask