Njokuani, Jacare, Jon Jones, King Mo...

Blathletes are coming to take over this sport.

Not a troll post, just pointing it out.

They're all sick and are coming off beating up white guys who were fat and slow. Am I right? :D

 Lemme guess....you're white?

Archer0545 -  Lemme guess....you're white?

He's probably self-hating one with the guilt syndrome for horrible deeds done by ancestors, lol.

Isn't Jacare Brazilian? Wouldn't that be more latin than black?

Anderson already rules 185 and is the best at 205 as well

Fedor/GSP/Lesnar are the only white hopes lol

 GSP's about as white as they get.

By the way where is Bry Bry on this thread?