No Creonte shirt?

What you guys think if I made one?

that would be hilarious. i support.

I'd know a whole lot of 'Creonte's" that couldn't where it!


 DO IT!!!!

I got the front done, working on the back, OSS!


lol.... can we see the design?

When I first heard the term Creonte I figured it was a maybe a term for a position, or a sweep, or some snide term in Portugese. I’ve been trolling the blogosphere and have found quite a bit on input on the topic at hand. The best definition I’ve been able to find is from Kid Peligro:

Creonte: A “creonte” is generally accepted as the “fighter” that changes schools and ends up competing against his old school. The problem is obvious, the Academy and its instructor invests al the time and efforts to create a good fighter only to have he or she turn around and move to another school and use the knowledge against the master.

Recently we’ve had a few students here and there go and train at rival schools and it’s cause some unrest among many of my teammates. I know it’s America and everyone has a right to do what they please but it’s hard when you spend day in and day out helping someone, giving them the tools they need to succeed, and at a moment’s notice they chuck the deuces and give the ultimate slap in the face by training with a rival school.

Undoubtedly the level of loyalty and trust varies from student to student. My bond with my teacher has progressed to the point where I couldn’t even fathom training with a different school, unless extreme circumstances required me to relocate to which I’d train at a school he recommended. There’s so much drama surrounding the idea of becoming a “creonte”, traitor…I was just curious to see what everyone else thought of the matter or if you had any specific instances occurring at your school. I can understand money being a deciding factor but there have been a few guys that have chosen to train at a different place for ego rather than skill and I can’t help but think, “WHAT IN THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING??”

I can only wish that other grapplers have the fortune of training under such selfless coaches/teachers as myself. I have literally witnessed people offering room and board, free classes, even helping teammates find work only to receive the short end of the stick. It kind of reminds me of my friends that are in the armed services. Many of them hate “civilian” life because they feel that no one even their closest civilian friends have their back. That ‘every man for themselves’ mentality is human nature but does not foster great personal relationships.

I think that sums it up best,MAKE THE SHIRT.

Tell us how you really feel B_RyCE haha 

enjoyed your post!

Lol,that was from an article by Kid Peligro. It really is true though...

and here i thought it was a half black dude... jk

The whole concept is stupid. Teacher trains pupil and then later faces pupil happens in every sport. Only in BJJ are they looked upon as traitors for inevitably moving on to their own successes. Nick Saban taught Will Muschamp everything he knew about defense at LSU and later the Miami Dolphins. Now they are facing each other this Saturday from opposite sidelines. If you are a good teacher your students will inevitably move on to their own thing. Phone Post

Difference would be if Will Muschamp left, called Saban a dbag and told people he never learned anything from him.

HESPECT. KUI knows his shit.

No brainwashing IMO Phone Post

This shiite is sooooo 90's. Many people train at different schools, with different training partners, etc.

Especially in MMA, guys be whoring themselves by training at 3 or 4 different places.

I used to take Creonte when it first came out to bulk up when I was lifting weights, but it always upset my stomach and left me feeling bloated. Phone Post

It may seem more obvious here in Hawaii beacuse everyone knows everyone. It's amazing how here in Hawaii I can find someone you grew up with, worked with, went to school with or find someone we know in common. So it makes it easy to go train with a buddy, co-worker or cousin from another school. I still take Creonte before I lift. Good stuff.