NO Cro-Cop Info On UFCs Site?WTF?

Sorry if this has been asked but I stopped by the UFC's site and they don't have so much as a picture of Mirko on there site. There is a pic of Eddie Sanchez but no Mirko. When you click on the official UFC 67 link you get "Video Coming Soon" when you click on Cro Cop's name WTF??? you sign the #2 Heavyweight in the world and this is how you promote him?????

You're being too picky. Other than the design of the Croatian flag, what more do you need to know?

Hopefully cro-cop will make himself known in devastating fashion in his debut.

Take a friggin' Polaroid of the guy at least.

All of his highlight stuff is intellectual property/proprietary of other organizations, who likely won't even sell it to the UFC to use.

I'm no lawyer, but I figured this stuff would be a no-brainer...

They are investing seven figures in his fight contract, but they can't afford to bring him over for promotional photoshoots and interviews? Or maybe hire a Croatian photog to take some shots and send them over? Or send one of their guys over there? Makes no sense to me!

Anderson never actually showed any incredible striking in Pride.