No Fujita in Total Elimination!?

I read on here that because Kazuyuki Fujita is fighting for Inoki that he will not be a participant in Total Elimination 2004! That does not make any sense, he is the best heavyweight fighter Japan has. If there is any chance of a Japanese fighter winning the would be Fujita.


some great news to me

Fujita is always dangerous.

they might have him, because he's japanese.

Not a big loss really.

inoki does suck

great. next thing you are going to tell us is Fast Eddie Ruiz isnt going to be in it!

I like green eggs and ham.

What dosent make sense is the fact that DSE probably wants to see a Japanese fighter win the tournament, and Fujita has the best chance of winning it out of all the Japanese fighters.

fujita nearly ko'd fedor. hes worthy

I actually like Fujita....i don't think he would win the tournament but it would defiently be cool to see him involved

You may not like Fujita but that just means less skilled Japanese fighters in it. I would like to see Fujita in it. He has improved over the last two years and has won by sub his last couple of fights.

or I should say a couple of his last wins were by sub.

What's sad is Fujita is the only good Japanese heavyweight in the game right now.

Except for Godzirra.(Yeah,I couldn't resist)

He has come closer to beating Fedor then anyone else in Pride. He almost KOed Fedor with that massive right at Pride Body Blow.... it may have been a fluke but it was so sweet.


I thought Yoshida was going to fight in Total Eliminatoin also

Fujita is the most exciting Japanese fighter to watch right now, but I understand his not being invited because of the Inoki thing. What is hypocritical though is that they have no problem bringing back Fedor with no questions asked-why penalize Fujita and not strip Fedor of the title if they are so offended by the association with Inoki?