No-Gi clothing question

Has anyone ordered from this site? If so how was the transaction taken care of? Was it prompt, and how long did it take to deliver?

Vitors shorts are made out of GI material? I just learned this today. Is that weird to you or just me? I am not bashing at all I am wondering. What happens when they get wet? I would think they would be crazy heavy if they were wet. I knew they looked strange close up with the stitching but couldn't tell why until today I learned the white material was GI material. Are they heavy? These are serious questions.

you can also find some no gi brazilian fightwear clothing at

WestsideStrangler , where did you hear that from?

well i mean ive looked at the website. I really like the hoodies and some of the t-shirts. im just curious how the ordering process is handled.

i was at the nogi touney last saturday and asked the owner about them. these shorts are made of gi material in the center. they prevent a sweaty arm from getting(slipping) out of an armbar. they are not heavy at all. ordered them about a week ago, and will be at least another 3-4 weeks they told me.

chris- call me if you need help looking for the passes and ill be over. jk! congrats on your victory btw.


"WestsideStrangler , where did you hear that from?"

See above post. I still don't see how they can't be heavy if they are wet.

Jeremy- Thanks man.

I saw them for the first time this weekend at the tournament they hosted.  I don't know if they were the ones Vitor wore as I haven't seen that fight since it happened, but they were the ones with the gi material.  A friend of mine bought a pair and I got to check em out and they looked very nice. 

Quality seemed pretty good.  The only other pair of shorts I have are the older Sprawl ones and the No Gi shorts did feel heavier than those ones.  I've seen a pair of Clinch shorts and those ones were REALLY impressive to me.  Come to think of it, I didn't bother to see if the No Gi ones were velcro with strings.

The Gi material is just in the front part where your crotch and the high part of your inner thighs are.  I didn't flip em inside out, so I'm not sure how the gi part works there.  I thought it was a style thing but now that you mentioned them helping you stay tight playing guard that does actually make sense.


chris - with the hoodies being on backorder, do you know how long those will be like this? On the website there arn't any pictures of them am I still able to order one or do I have to wait until it is no longer backorder?

why are they called nogi if there made from gi material and why do they make ngi gi's. help .... nurse.

I have just got a pair from and they are wicked.

The GI material bit is stitched onto the front of the shorts (all the stitching is good and firm). They are not that heavy (though a little heavier than Sprawls) and they look great.

Vengance- We weren't going to carry them until it got cold again but we got some back from a retailer yesterday so we will put up the pics and sizes that we do have but they are limited.