Can you guys list all the No GI grappling instructional worth to buy with a little description and what you liked about it.
Same for books if it exists.

What book or DVD would you recomand to a blue belt that want to specialise in Nogi Grappling.$

Thanks a lot.

JUJU "tsu" BRE "silien"

i want to buy something news like the Garcia ones...

Are the sperry s ones still up to date?

keep also in mind that i am a small guy (1m75 pour 65 kg) and that i like technique that move a lot and that flow with the go...



For no gi books I would recommend that you check out Royler's new book. The book is dedicated exclusively to no gi. JJ Machado's new book has a short no gi section in the back of the book. Simco had a no gi section in his old "Master Text" book. I have not seen his new one.

For no gi DVD's I would look at Kukuk's A-Z, Jen's guard passing DVD, and Brennan's Kimura DVD. Each of these DVD's got great reviews and I found them very enjoyable to watch. Kukuk's DVD's cover a wide range of subjects and can be purchased rather cheaply. Jen's and Brennan's are more focused, but highly informative.

Thanks EeL...i am gonna look at this one...

keep them coming guys....

No gi:

(1) Roy Harris's tapes are great and are mainly no gi

(2) Sperry's submission wrestling are the best I have seen. I have literally learned techniques off it and made them work without practicing first (and I am shite, although so are my opponents!).

(3) Nathan Leverton's tapes are all no gi and very very good. One pair concentrates on guard, the other pair on top position submissions and he has a new half guard which I haven't got (yet).

You will not be disappointed with any of the above.

Sperry is best - fewest moves to be sure, but you will make them work, and he integrates them into a plug-and-play gameplan. Levo does a bit of that too.

I have the machado DVD "becoming a champion"

how does it compare with the sperry and Roy Harrys One?

Roy Harris emphasizes the principles behind the moves and only covers the basic moves of jiu-jitsu. Machado had a larger variety of techniques and his moves were geared for someone that had a base knowledge of jiu-jitsu. Roy's tapes can be used by the beginner and advanced practioner.

I train under Roy and have his videos and all I can say is these guy is technical as no one else. I wish he would have more stuff out. His new DVD will be great. I was his "dummy" for his German BJJ tape and I felt all his submissions first hand. All I can say is: I was never fearing Submissions real bad until the day Roy applied them all on me. Get his tapes. He is amazing.

Nathan Leverton's "GU01: The Guard" is excellent. There's a full review at vr leverton guard 1-2.html

Roy Harris' entire catalog is the most technical material that I've ever seen. I have ALL of them, and I rewatch them constantly.

Matt Thornton's FJKD Series 2 (now on DVD :) ) is tremendous when it comes to "how do I train better?". The tapes in the series go (1) top game, (2) bottom game, (3) guard game [includes passing] (4) standup striking game, and (5) clinch game.