No gi in Japan

I am going to Japan for a holiday in a few months. I'd like to go to a gym and have a roll. Is it easy to just turn up and pay for a single lesson? Where is a good place to go?
Oh and I'm talking no gi specifically.

Only male prostitutes, petty thieves, the mentally ill and other "out-casts" practice no-gi in Japan. Just hang out in a Paccinco Parlor with a lot of loose cigarettes. You'll find the right people.

Can anyone offer an alternative view?

i do no gi w/ a gi for ringworm protection we just dont grab ur kimono kinda like taekwondoo on da mat

Going to Tokyo...any suggestions would be welcome.

Again, you shall need to be more specific.
Tokyo is a pretty big place.
I am sure you don't want to be traveling for an hour or so on a crowded train, just for a bit of rolling if you are on vacation.

I haven't booked a hotel anywhere central Tokyo is possible.