no-gi tapes

Who has the best no-gi tapes convering the basics in BJJ. Ihave the basics for regular bjj with the gi but the no gi I feel has different basics .

The book written by Royler Gracie is pretty good as well. I read through it and it should provide you with a basic understanding of no gi grips.

Matt Thornton's FJKD2 is pretty darn good.

Anybody know how good the no-gi ceasar gracie set is? I like his Gi dvd's, and am thinking about buying his no-gi set.

Saulo,Ze Mario(eshfia), and Leo Vieira have some good basic jiu-jitsu tapes out, also check out mario sperry.

For pure basics Kukuk A-Z is great.  Its like a dictionary in the sense that you can learn separate techniques but it won't give you a strategy or prioritize moves for you.

That is really the only comprehensive no-gi set.  After that I like Baret Yoshida's stuff,  Paulo Guillobel's guard dvd, Marcelo Garcia, Saulo Ribeiro and Javi Vazquez for takedowns. 

I do find more and more that studying competition footage is very helpful because then you see the moves that people really use and how they really do them.  ADCC 2005 is a great set as opposed to 2003 which has bad lighting and annoying drumming.  Some smaller tournaments are also helpful. 

You can pick say 5 of your favorite competitors and then try to isolate how they each do something (like posture in the guard or controlling from the pin).  You need to use your slow button to really break down the moves though.

Can't go wrong with Marcelo 3, Saulo 2, Thornton, Ze Mario estfiha does have 2 tapes that are no gi and good. HG bottom and passsing butterfly...good stuff.

Guillobel's is good but if you want the best one for guard at a good price get Baret  yoshida's dvd/book or his 3 dvd set.  GREAT stuff

Cesar's is good too.

Marcelo 1 is good as well, but you said basics, marcelo's tapes are pretty much his game, not 'basics'.

There arent any strictly no-gi tapes that deal with the basics. I would go with Roy Harris because even though he uses the gi, almost none of it actually relies on gi grips.

I would disagree that gi, no-gi basics are different.

Jerry's Bohlanders no-gi set are the best I've seen!!!