no gi uchimata

Can you all provide some generak tips on hitting the uchimata in a wrestling match, such as best timing, best set ups, best tie-ups to intiate the move? Jamill Kelly uses a similar move very effectively in wrestling against top-notch competitors. I have seen him use it time after time in matches, almost to the extent that sometimes it is his primary attack rather than just a counter throw, or "trick move". Any advice would be appreciated. Video of Kelly hitting an uchimata:

it can also be done as a counter to a single leg quite often.

beautiful throw, but is there anything he could've done to keep him on the ground and go for the pin? It seems that without control of the legs and use of gi, it's pretty tough to hold someone (especially a wrestler) on the ground after a throw.

IMHO the crucial point in doing no-gi uchimata is the wrist/forearm grip (where there'd be a sleeve otherwise). It's tough to maintain that grip no-gi.


He really committs his hip and lifts hard with his legs in that video. One way to maintain top control is to anticipate his defensive movement, and after the throw is complete (has to be a fluid motion) slide that right calf/foot across his belly to the opposite side & squish the hip down to establish a side mount-ish position

Throw-(anticpate roll through)- slide across & switch sides to side mount (on the other side you would normally be on.)

hard to explain, but It works well with no gi (even better with a high underhook)

this is Kelly's highlight from the 03 World Team Trials, he uses it several times in this highlight video:

you know what would be cool?

If they did wrestling with judo rules or basically no gi judo.

It would be interesting. It wouldn't really be like Abu Dhadi.