No hand wraps for saku ?

Anyone else catch that ?

you dont have to get your hands taped if u dont want it

I never tape...

U serious Brian ?

Yeah, I prefer the mobility. I can't punch hard anyway. :(

Yeah, I must be the last fighter in world that doesn't tape.

I guess from grapplers stand point.... Just don't understand risking it I guess.

Did ONE fight not wrapped and broke my hand.

Really?! I don't think I punch hard enough to break my own hand! Hey are you still in Des Moines? There is an amateur fight event event here looking for a new announcer, is that something you might wanna do? It's almost bi-weekly. Give me a mail at and I'll set you up with the promoter!

E-Mail sent.

I will be on HDNet This coming and Next Friday @ pm central time.

As for the whole hand thing... It was in the first round and it was the KO shot. Boxer break and I felt it immediately. My ring finger on my right hand droops permanently now lol.

Yikes! I don't punch much anyway, but maybe I should consider taping...

I'm not a fighter and have broken my hand. And I certainly don't punch harder than a fighter would. Then again I lack punching technique and that is probably the reason for my hand breaking.