No more Judo vs. BJJ trolling

I'm sick and tired of the childish BJJ versus Judo trolling on this forum. I have trained wrestling, bjj, judo, and sambo for a combined 20 years and I think it's ridiculous when people don't see the value of crosstraining. Unlike a lot of trolls on here, I think bjj, sambo, judo, and wrestling are equally effective for fighting both in the ring and outside of it. The same I will not say of other sports such as karate, taekwondo, kung fu, aikido, pentak silat, etc. I consider all judoka, wrestlers, samboists, and bjj fighters my fellow grapplers and I wish them the best luck in the world, especially when they fight nongrapplers.

Peace should be made between all grapplers on this forum and we should all look at Nog as an example. We all think of him as a BJJ fighter just as we look at Fedor as a judo/sambo fighter. That is certainly true. Nog IS BJJ while Fedor IS Judo/Sambo.

But few people realize that Nog has a judo blackbelt and over 10 years of judo training. Few also know that he won a judo Championship in Brazil at the blackbelt level. Few also know that even today he works on judo to improve his game. If Nog is crosstraining judo to work on his game, don't you find it funny how so many bjj white and blue belts and other internet warriors on the UG consider themselves too good for something like that?????

Few also realize that Nog won the white belt division in BJJ with his judo throws and a few basic ground positions he had. You can read about it on his own website:

"Three week later, he was the champion in the White Belt and second place in the open division. He only knew how throw the opponent a few positions on the ground."

Also you can read more about it here:

Nog is BJJ. Fedor is Judo. That's true. But you also have to realize this lack of respect towards judo by some BJJ trolls is really fueling an endless pissing contest on here. I recommend some of the BJJ trolls take a look at the backgrounds of a lot of the top 20 BJJ'ers in the world. About 90% of them have judo black belts. I think BJJ is a great sport, and it adds a lot to somebody's game which judo/sambo and wrestling do not provide. However this BJJ vs judo/sambo rivalry is just silly. There should be more crosstraining on both ends in the US.