No.......!!! My trainer is moving!

This sucks ass! My trainer (Scott Ardrey) is about 80% certain that he's moving to another state by the end of January.

I'm 37 as of tomorrow, and have no illusions about winning titles at my age, but I would like to train others down the line someday.

I was learning a lot from Scott and will miss working out under his watchfull eye. Man, this blows.

He's searching out greener pastures as far as fighters go. He trained Stevie Johnston, Jirov, and several other good fighters. He has even worked in Tyzsu's corner (he's the big white guy with the black beret in KT's corner against Judah).

It will be damn tough replacing him. What a bummer for me, right before the holiday no less.

That's rough. Good luck with your goal of training fighters. It can be pretty rough at times, especially finding people to share knowledge with you. It sounds like you had a top level trainer who didn't hold things back.

Yeah Keith, it's funny because I told him from jump street that I was there to pick his brain, and to learn from him. He was cool with that from the get go.

I've been pretty lucky to have trainers who didn't hold knowledge back from me. My last trainer and I are actually kind of partners with the fighters we train. It's kind of funny how we'll be in the gym and see a fighter doing of us will see the fighter doing something wrong...the other will correct him, and the other will just shake his head because he was thinking the same thing.