No Official UFC fight night thread?

Lights out

Fuck I just tuned in and the bitches are fighting.

Kee ya,kee ya,kee ya!

Another decision coming up.


Sweet takedown!!

Best part is the white one unloaded a shitload of solid shots and these gals will go to decision. Dude before this lands one shot after an ass beating and wins by ko.

WMMA sucks so bad

Well I guess I was wrong lol

McCann is always fun especially in O2.


Slept that girl

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A watchable wmma fight thank fuck


Brutal what a shocking end right when I fucking turned away


Lots of finish’s so far.

I can’t understand a single word she’s saying. Its like an entirely different language.


She’s actually speaking English!

Man this ref looks like Playboy Gary Hart of pro wrestling fame!

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I don’t even think the crowd knows what she said!

She needs a translator more than the Brazilians and Russians.

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Meatball Molly is more British than James Bond

Can we take a minute to appreciate Carly baker?

Poor dan hooker

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Good fights so far. Main event up next!

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