No Official UFC fight night thread?

This forum has went down hill… Kirk’s top men have pulled an Upper Decker on this

I declare this one the official fight night thread

I missing fights right now so if people update that would be great

Idk but just cant listen to bisping, talks slow and about nothing

The English commentator pisses all over Anik, he should be on every card

Fucking day time event man I hate them. I’m not home right now lol

Yeah I noticed too…

Uh Kirik forget!

That Craig finish was bad ass!!!

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I need a gif of the finish I missed the fight

Sergei Pavlovich next up and he should win even though I detest Russians especially Putin the cunt!

Craig has nasty guard… I thought he was going to keep getting smesh… he’s the 205 Mur

Hot take!

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Nothing was landing super well, I think it could have gone a bit longer

Paddy coming up!

Not for a bit yet
He’s main card

Yeah I don’t know how I fucked that up. Not the first time lol.

What’s the card looking like?

Looking like a quality card for a fight night card



Sweet choke. Why doesn’t Mr Finland fight more often?