No one could do what Foreman can

I dont think anybody else in the history of boxing
could even contemplate a return to boxing at age 55.
If it was anybody else making a return at that age I
doubt people would give them a chance of beating
anybody , but with George you never know. With his
punch power , strength , chin and heart you have to
box and move or it's light's out. Despite his age I
doubt anybody will come forward to him. People
criticise his stamina in his first carreer , but if
he can go the distance as an old man then it
should'nt have been a problem when he was younger.
It's a pity he did'nt rematch Ali. His potential was
even greater than his notable achievements.

Duran didn't leave til he was 50. Other guys could do it, but not many

Duran is my favourite boxer ever. He was boxing
conntinually though, maybe that's harder, but I was
thinking coming out of retirement and 55 is a
ridiculous age. I dont think anyone would be as
competitive as george.

Homie, I really don't think George is planning on fighting at the top levels this time around. I doubt you'll see him in against a top 20 guy. And even if you did, he's probably got as much left as Mercer.

hell, even some supposedly top 10 guys like Rahman and Ruiz routinely show absolutely nothing in their fights, so who knows?

well i don't think anyone would use a victory over holmes now as an indication of where they should be in the all time rankings

imo, the main reason george came back both times was to show that an old guy can still whip the younger guys. So that may be why he's avoiding holmes

One, I think it's a bad match-up for Foreman.

Plus, if he would win, beating Holmes will do nothing for him... just
means he beat an old man. Really isn't worth the chance for him, and I
think Holmes beats him anyway.

Personally, I don't want to see Foreman get back in the ring, at least not against anyone with any skill level. Big George could get big hurt if he does. At his age with that level of inactivity I just can picture good things happening.

I may actually be the only one that is hoping Bog George can get back in the ring...

I highly doubt he would if he didn't think he could win...