No Rules Boxing DVD - Reviews?

Jiujitsudotnet is pitching a "No Rules Boxing" DVD by John Carlos. I remember John from his days as a pro boxer, but I've not hear much from him of late. Anyone seen or heard anything about this new DVD they're selling? Here's the product description:

Veteran StreetFighter and Professional Boxer John Carlo starts from the ground up, teaching everything from the Basics of Boxing to Punching in the Clinch. Years of Ring and Street Experience come to life on screen and reveal the secrets of the 'sweet-science' for Street and Mixed Martial Arts.

Unlike other sportive Boxing Instructionals, this DVD shows the viewer how to apply punching techniques in non-sportive situations and how to make adjustments without the gloves using special modifications for fighting experienced Martial Artists.

No Rules Boxing Includes:

* Footwork
* Boxing Defense
* All the Essential Punches
* Modifications without Gloves
* Conditioning
* The Science of Sucker-Punching
* Punching in the Clinch
* Striking vs. Grapplers
* Boxing Drills
* Bag Work
* Original Soundtrack
* Special Bonus Interviews and Fight Footage 

Approx Run Time = 1hr 15min





ttt for a detailed review...