Noble talks UFC loss & MFC Title

class act!

I love his answer to this question..

ADCC: Do you think with more time to train and prepare, the fight could have had a different outcome? DERRICK: If I had a year to prepare and he hit me with the same right hand, it wouldn't matter. I felt good for the fight and it didn't get to the point where lack of preparation time came into play. I felt good and sharp and was doing well, but got caught.


And I repeat: Derrick Noble = class act

Probably the absolute best I've ever heard someone talk after a loss. What a class act this dude is

I am still psyched to have him in my title fight. Anyone who thinks he doesnt deserve a title shot is an idjit...

idjit isn't used hardly enough!

Damien, good luck with your upcoming fights man. jason reinhardt Your guy had a nice win against Genin (the big guy)