Nog beats Saku jd

Nog beats Saku by JD.

Not bad fight. Towards end of rd 2 Nog had Saku in a triangle/armbar that Sak just made out of before the bell went. Mostly a stand up fight. Nog showing some Vanderlei strategy by trying to clich and knee Sak a few times.

I really feel Saku needs to retire. Several times after Nog hit him he looked as if he was goint to be KO'ed. He has taken too much damage over the years...

he does not have to retire, just needs to take a break, and heal up.

Kondo is the big winner of the night.

Feel bad for Saku.

Yoshida needs more experience MMA and some cardio.

Royce needs to fight more, for the fans.

Is LYOTO really good ? Hopefully we will see in 2004.

What was Rickson's answer to Sapp's challenge at K-1 ?

He would have destroyed Lindland.