NOGI in Rio?..I'm here!

yo fellas..i'm in rio de janeiro brazil for the next 2 weeks. i will be training some at my instructor's (he is in miami) home gym here, but just wanted to see if any of you know of any good gyms here that have nogi classes or open mat during the day in the leblon area. thanks in advance!

Wow, have fun!!

 Have fun!


thanks a lot guys!

ttt for suggestions :)

 TTT, lucky sunnuvabitch! Don't train too much, although i know i'd be tempted too, enjoy everything! Except the child gangs that apparently rape sodomize and murder with AKs.

Brazilian Top Team (Lagoa) and Nova Uniao (Flamengo) are nearby of Leblon

itgcrew - Brazilian Top Team (Lagoa) and Nova Uniao (Flamengo) are nearby of Leblon

do you know anything about them? much nogi? "tourist" friendly? day classes? my girlfriend works days all next week so i will have all of the days to "off" do what i want (train!).

Nova Uniao is an excellent place to train. Lots of classes and you might be lucky enough to catch Andre Pedeneiras there. Be sure to check them out...great bunch of guys!

Leblon is far from Flamengo

ttt for suggestions..nogi is key

ttt...been away from rio in paraty for a few days. back in rio and looking to start training on monday.

trip is over :( at the airport in argentina, heading home. back to reality this week. i ended up training with my instructors school, new generation. was really good except i was not able to train as much as i wanted as my stupid neck was acting up. great timing! will post some pics (nothing too exciting) this week.