Nogueira vs. Herring 3

Why are these two fighting for a thrid time? Do you think the cage will help Herring win.

Shut up and just enjoy the fight you little bitch!

Herring by KO.

they learned from the Cro Cop - Gonzaga fiasco and don't want to take any chances in introducing the next high level Pride heavyweight...

I hope Herring uses his Horse Stance again.

great card and I'm excited for Nog's UFC debut but this matchup is a headscratcher

boring fight imo



It meant something YEARS ago. This one is STRICLY for the hardcore TUF N00B fans.

Thanks alot Dana.

I was wondering when a UGer would ask this question.

"great card and I'm excited for Nog's UFC debut but this matchup is a headscratcher"

  • Ditto.

It's an absolutely no-win situation for Nog.

Although their first two fights were good, it's nevertheless a guy he already beat twice, and those were back when Heath was still ranked and relevant and a win over him actually meant something.

A third win over the same guy, only now a lot more devalued, is senseless repetition with no potential return at all for the investment.

If Nog beats Herring again, so what. Does absolutely nothing for him.

And what if Nog loses? Herring's a heavier guy and he does have some pop - it wouldn't even be the biggest upset this year. And that would be the second major signing to flop.

It's utterly pointless matchmaking when a win provides no gain at all and a loss would be absolutely devastating. Plus Heath is still big and experienced enough to be potentially dangerous. After all, it's not like Nog just manhandled Heath in their two previous outings.

No complaints about the card overall but this one matchup, intended to introduce the #2 HW in the world to the UFC fans, really defies all reason. It's a modicum of risk for absolutely no reward.

They should have fed Chek Kongo to Nog IMO.

got to get Nog over in the US first