i'm going to be in new orleans from 6-14 may, and i'd like to train with some guys out there. i tried the # for NOLABJJ but it was the wrong #.

Try 504-473-3634
Kris Rothaermel is the head instructor. You are more than welcome to train when you come down. I would assume you found the website, but if not, check it out and post on our forum so we know when you're coming.


Nola would be a very good place to train. Three purple belts under Leonardo Xavier train there, not to mention the other great guys. Leonardo himself might be over there too.

They have a new bjj black belt in town or you can try Anconas gym. They say he is a great instructor. Go to the underground forum to find the phone number for the BJJ black belt (2x mundial champ).

ttt for phone # to anaconas gym... that wouldn't be guilhermi (spelling?) maia (spelling again?) from brazil would it?