NON Kodokan Judo?

I have heard of Zen Judo and Kosen Style Judo. Are there any other schools of Judo that have departed from the Kodokan and formed their own groups?

It seems as if with all the politics plaguing the Judo community that some groups would want to get out fom under the traditional system.


I don't think the KOSEN judo is a separate political organization, it's just a different set of rules regarding ne waza.

The Zen Judo guys ARE separate. They are doing Kodokan Judo, though, whatever they may call themselves.

Ben R.

any sites with information on Zen Judo? this is the first ive heard of it.

Leave everything behind to live at a zen temple and do judo all day long, that wouldn't be a bad deal. I bet their mats suck though.

are they supposed to be any good, skill wise?

Just do a search on Zen Judo. There used to be a couple of web sites out there.

They are what would be called a "soft" Judo type of group. As to the skill, it would depend on the individual.

Ben R.