non-thinking attacks

I couldn't come up with a good title for this thread. I've noticed recently that once in a while I "slip into a state" during weapons work where all the openings simply present themselves and I can near effortlessly take advantage of them. Intellecutally, I know the reason why is because I fenced for 4yrs (almost tried out for jr. Olympic team), did some FMA for 6 months and no matter what MA I was doing at the time, I always picked up a stick or sword and did some work with it when I found the time (once you have basics down, it simply becomes a matter of practicing over and over and over and over). The total time period for this is about 9 years.

Well, in stand up weapons (sword, stick, axe, staff) I barely have to look/think/strike- the opening is right there and sometimes I even have choices about how go about it (I can hit him here, or here or there). I'm also doing many more, non-traditional strikes (not using fencing or FMA angles) but simply getting the weapon to the target as quickly as possible giving him no time to block.

I know that at some point I must have internalized (sp?) the proccess of finding a target, moving into position and then going for it but how did this internalization come about and how can it be sped up (or do you have to practice the basics for 9 years with no short cut?)?


I'm getting Warrior Wellnes come the holidays and probably breathing enhancement as well.

The fact that ROSS addresses such a "shortcut" to cut down the 9year learning curve is all I need to know- I'll buy it. When I "slip into it" its a new world, no angles or techniques, little consious thought, just places where he's open and places where I'm open. Closing the space as a strike or block becomes the only thing that happens. I do not consiously think of footwork although I know I move, and very quickly, I don't consiously feint, though I do at times and so on-its really wonderful to know that I just need the rgiht stimulus (gotta figure that out) and this well of tactical thinking opens up.


Wow that answered a long standing question in my mind.
I talked with a special forces soldier that was also a
proficient swordsman. He said that whether you're
fighting with firearms or swords, it all lies in
tapping into the flow of combat. I never quite
understood what he meant. Thank you for clearing this up :)

Yoga and Samadhi are two good words to describe what you guys are talking about. A good translation could be 'non-thinking'.

You know, there are a lot of equivalants in meditation. I will say boldly, that there is little to no difference between some of the meditation states (Samadhi...even Jada Samadhi) and the 'zone' or flow state. A sort of meditation in motion.

So you guys are on to something. The great sage PataƱjali said: "Yogas citta vritti nirodha." That is: "Union is the inhibition of the modifications of the mind." and "Tivra samveganam asannah." or "Samadhi is nearest to those whose passion is intensely strong."
Nothing is more 'passionate' or 'intensely strong' as a IFV or a Bayonet, etc.!!! How's that for impetus?!

It is almost as if it is 'forced' Samadhi! You could sit down and bugger with your self for a few minutes and wait for thoughts to settle or you can have your 'friend' start punching at you and get to the point right away!

Often, when in flow you can lose track of time and we even have come up for a term here: "hogging". Basically when one guy is feeding for some time, he needs a turn!!!! You can go for what seems to be hours.

When done with training, there is the same 'carry-over' in the body and mind as in meditation. A feeling of relaxation, release, and just plain well-being. An almost 'relaxed energetic' feeling if I may.

Do you guys find similar feelings or states when training? Especially in Soft-Work and sparring?


I agree with you totally about ROSS helping you slip right in. It is almost like you need a fix, so you train! How long have you been working on the ROSS material? All you own is GTB?! You need Shock-Ability!!

Anyway, I'd love to hear Scott's comments...