north/south choke

I've never actually learned this from an instructional, but through trial and error - i think I have it. I start from seated side control (twister side control basically).. My inner arm goes over their throat, and curls around the back of their head, I then slowly push my weight from side control to north south and scissors motion my arm as I'm moving, which either ends in a blood choke or a jaw breaker if they have managed to tuck their chin down.. Generally, I find that from twister side control you can control their chin back better so you have space for the choke and the scissors motion of my arm seems to be the key for the choke.Is this correct? Any other setups?

Monson has this technique explained with details in his DVD JJ cookbook with Dennis Hallman. Check it out.


get you body as far away from his as you can, keep going back

I usually pull on someones feet and drag them back to show how far you should slide down

rob - do you scissors motion your arm?

we call it the pec choke

have your armpit on there neck holdign there chin, arm wrapped around there head and wrist turned sideways

the other arm is under there armpit and grab your other arm and slide back leaving no space

maybe a different choke

Dragon Sleeper in Pro Wrestling

I have experimented with this quite a bit, I have 3 versions one is pretty much the way Monson explains it on his vid, the other is a cervical lock tilting the head back and tilted away from you, and my personal fav is a lat pinch you have to get your arm super deep, and you choke with your body and lat, but their head has to be turned away from you a bit

my favorite sub that works for me