North/South guard instructionals?

Are there any instructionals for this guard? It's the one the Pe De Pano and Roleta use a lot.

I like to call it the freak guard.

Michael Jen covers escaping from this hold down in his Pin Escape tape set. It's nothing short of amazing.

I'm not referring to the pinning position. It's the type of guard where you roll onto your shoulders and play upside down. Roleta and Pe De Pano are very good at sweeping from it.

I'd like to know more too.


my instructor uses that sometimes

Klinch, Would you mind explaining that more? I always that that north/south was the pinning postion(like side mount, but instead of your hips to the side of your oponnent, your hips are over your oponnents head). So could you please explain a little more into what the position implies?

I hope for Pe de Pano's safety that he decides to NOT use that "freak" guard when he starts doing MMA.

your refering to the damn/damned guard. Pe De Pano uses it in a match at On The Mat :)

Blue Namer?

BJJ Tapes are currently producing pe de pano set im led to believe so hopefully theres a tape on it