Nov 11th-What bugs me!!

Is that all of Canada doesn't get this day off to reflect and remember. I'm ashamed. Good men gave up their lives for what we have and the government can't make this a stat day to give people the time to reflect.


The majority of people wouldn't use it to reflect, they'd use it as a slack day off.

Thankfully, everyone uses Xmas to worship Jesus.


Chad what about the people that would? You don't think it should be a stat day?

Hallmark has ruined Christmas.

Well, I have this Friday off.... so ya, everyone else should too.


I have this Friday off as well and I always go to the the parade and service. Puts a tear in my eye seeing these old guys out their proud as peacocks. Thinking back that they gladly signed up and fought for what we have is amazing.

Ask any vet and they will tell you that they would rather have the kids in school that day to learn what Nov. 11th is all about. Not sleeping in until noon. me on the other hand would rather have the day off to...ummm...sleep in until noon.

Not here in Ontario.

Should be a stat imo.

Should be a stat.

I always make my office stop business and sound the trumpets at the appropriate time. I catch any fucker on the phone or not respecting I lose it.

I also go into a legion on Remembrance day and buy a round or two for all the vets.

TTT for our veterans!

The statutory holidays in Nova Scotia are New Year's Day, Good Friday, Canada Day, Labour Day, and Christmas Day.

5 stat days in N.S. ... that's it... BS.

I got the day off of school.

It should be a stat. I feel pretty strongly about it in general, but I don't think alot of people give it any thought.