Nova Scotia: Free BJJ Seminar

We are hosting a FREE Seminar for anyone in Nova Scotia interested in learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Areas covered will include: self-defense, basic ground positioning, calisthenic exercises specific to BJJ, and submissions.

Earlier in the day there will a Hatha Yoga Seminar. Focus will be on basic yoga postures, breathing exercises, sun salutation and progressive relaxation.

For more information please go to our website at:

Spots are filling up, so please contact us to reserve yours. Spectators are welcome.

Big thanks to Kentville Karate who are allowing us to use their dojo to teach BJJ and Yoga.

Thanks, Rowan Cunningham


ttt and good luck with your new dojo Rowan.



ttt for yoga !



Don't miss this chance to train with Rowan and his new partners.

I wish you were here to offer this bro.

not lettuce,
what time are your classes?i'll be visiting nova scotia at the end of may and would like to train a little.

JHR has said he will be outfront to help bring traffic!

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rene.r, nice! Love that pic, it apitimizes transformer coolness!

t-dog, After the seminar I'll be offering classes on Mondays at 8:30pm and Saturdays at 1:00pm. I'll likely be adding more classes as time goes on. Check out the website for updated info.


How much for the seminar?

ttt from little Jay.

Awesome Rowan. I wish i could be there. i am sure some of the guys will make the drive to kentville for this.


I have regular classes on Mondays @ 8:30pm and on Saturdays at 1:00pm. Any of your guys are welcome to come to them, they can contact me through my website:

I would prefer to keep the free seminar open to newbies (any body who's been grappling at your club for 6months), would be fine.

Thanks, Rowan

If that Limping Bastard Sandford is there, send him my love!

Top! Good luck with your school Rowan.