Now that Pride's gone, who's #2?


will probably soon be WEC

I say WEC. Great fights so far

Right now, it's: WEC.

K-1 Heroes has always been more full of bullshit than Pride.

That's the real tragedy of Pride dying, is that K-1 was one of the reasons it died.

Bod dog has been real goood w/ the free fights latly.The talent isnt quite where it could be but they have especially brought womens fights to the forefront latly.

Fedor, Kid Yamamoto, Gomi, Minowa, Ralek Gracie, Uno, Shaolin, Manhoef, Soko, Sakuraba, Akiyama, Le Banner, Pequeno, J.Z. Calvan

When did Fedor Sign this mystical contract with K-1?, But K-1 has signed Allistar Overeem, Sergei Karitonov, Shaolin, Denis Kang, and still has Kid Yamamoto. Number 1 in Japan but in USA? UFC did sign Mirco Cro Crop, Wanderlai Silva, Shogun Rua, Big Nog, Hayato Sakurai, Kazahiro Nakamura and I Can keep going. So Untill Fedor Sign's hold of on him going anywhere till you have any doubt.

Kharitonov needs to be signed by the UFC. He would make the division that much stronger.


Tie between Bodog, Strikeforce, K-1 Heroes, WEC

Bodog is unfortunately canceled. ION took the highly unusual step of announcing it many months early.

WEC has had entertaining shows on Versus. HD broadcast is excellent, Frank Mir on the mic.. good feeder league.

I'm really excited for the Sept 15th EliteXC card.

2 of my top 10 favorite fighters are on that card.

Bodog's here to stay

  1. HBO Boxing
  2. UFC

1 old PRIDE tapes/ DVD's

2 current UFC

Seriously though, I expect k-1 heroes to step up and be #2 or maybe #1 IF they get there shit together, AND sign some more big names.... I wasn't aware they were signing Fedor, But that would be a great start!

lets go heroes!


2 EliteXC Group (K-1, EXC, Showtime, RWE, ICON, Strikeforce etc)


2 ICON sport

WEC doesn't have the talent level yet..but will real soon



  1. UFC

  2. WEC

  3. EXC

I think WEC already has great talent -- Filho, Curran, Condit, Faber, etc. And the production with Mir's commentary is top-notch.