Now the Boston Herald is at it!


Franklin retains title with TKO of Lutter at UFC 83

Herald has great UFC coverage for the most part. I'll forgive them for this.

And Yahoo:

Good and Bad on the Canadian side of things. On tv was highlights and post conference talks and DW talking highly about Canada and the crowds. Awesome! On the flipside, today the Globe and Mail newspaper has a front page story on the sports section talking about regressing back to gladiatorial days or some such junk.

 Good fucking God...

Since I work in the news I can tell you what happened. The Associated Press put the headline on the story and sent it out on the wire. This story was then auto-posted onto the sites without anyone checking it. That appears to be what happened here, but it would be nice if someone at the site is reading the content. It's 30 hours later for god's sake.

This article is written by the AP (Associated Press). All these newspapers are just printing the article.They didn't actually write it. They obviously should research the articles before printing.