NSW No Gi next year?

Did anyone else hear Paulo say they were planning on a No Gi tournament next year?

This would be geat!

Hope we get a black belt match

Yeh, he said the FED is organising it.

Hopefully they Federation will add an extra leg to the NSW circuit, and it will be a no gi tournament. This will be a good warm up event for the ADCC qualifiers later on in the year.


We are planning to hold a no-gi tournament early in 2004. Will let you all know the details when we get it all sorted.

Will the "guillotine" be allowed??

HELL YEAH!!!! no gi tounri!

The Federation is investigating the possibility of returning the "guilotine" to all BJJ comps on the circuit.


There are no belt categories are there? Just weight?

Are there any leg locks in the no gi comp?


It will be more or less the same rules as Abu Dhabi... Weight only, no belt and open to all grappling styles.

Not sure about all leg locks... Elvis? Can you help out with this one?


Why aren't the BJJ gi competitions run the same way i.e. weight only, no belt?

Yeah no gi comp would be great. Elvis would be good 2 see you roll with Bonello if he showed up for it!

.....Sorry had to do it

All leg locks are allowed in ADCC. Slamming is also allowed in ADCC. The only think not allowed is Neck Cranks and the like.

Whether they're allowed in the NSW No Gi comp I assume will be decided when the event is organised.

The reason Belt and weight classes are used is so that competitors can compete against others who are around their size and level. Everyone can see the difference between new and old white belts. That gap becomes even more evident when the colour of the belt changes. It's to create a level playing field to give competitors a fair test of their skills. Absolute classes are designed to test your skills against those who are of a different weight.

Regarding no-gi, generally belt classes aren't used because the loss of gi grips helps level the playing field. Though I would also have no problem if they had 3 levels, beginner, intermediate and advanced for the no gi comps as well. Since this event is not a qualifier but a chance for people to compete and test their skills, I actually think it could be a good idea.

The South Pacific ADCC qualifier is that, a qualifier for the Worlds. Since there is not experience/belt class in the Worlds, there can't be one for the qualifier.


By way of contrast, the vast majority of judo competitions are only run on weight classes - belts don't come into it despite having a very standardised grading system (that incorporates requirements to earn competition 'points' prior to grading)... I never had a problem with fighting Black Belts while I was a beginner. Maybe it had something to do with more structure around seeding + double elimination & round robin competitions i.e. generally more fights per player per comp.


anything in the works?:)

apparently theres going to be a no gi tournament located on sydney's northern beaches some time in december

well thats gotta be pretty soon, anything anounced yet? venue? ect