Number 1 in the world.

I need to create my own company so that I can call myself number 1 in the world at something.

All kidding aside.

We need to have rankings that take into account all of the top fighters out there. Yes, the UFC has the most top talent, but we have also seen what other companies can come up with once those fighters finally make it to the UFC. I mean, how many Stikeforce fighters are sitting at the top right now? How many WEC fighters are still doing well? How many fighters has the UFC dissmissed, cut from their roster, or just cut to pieces in the media.

I understand the UFC is the BIG DOG, but IMHO it's in everyones best interests to have honest, thoughful rankings, not this P4P shit the UFC puts out depending on how far downstream Dana is from Lorenzo's fart.


Sorry, I'm obviously not that clever. How reputable is that site? Who is involved with maintaining these rankings? And is it recongized by the major organizations.

Thanks on the Rottie. His name is Bronx.

No offense. I guess reputable isnt the right word, but maybe endorsed by the big orgs.

I'm so sick of Dana's Schtik.

Question though, How is Henricks ranked above Velasquez in P4P when he is 2/4 in hids last 4? Honestly I don't even think he should be on the list. But then I'm a layperson.

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How reputable is it? You tell me. We've been around since 2008, and the rating system behind it has been around for a few years before the site existed. It's also a direct product of the UG (and I'd say we're pretty reputable, but I'm obviously biased.

We're definitely the most extensive and up to date ranking of professional MMA fighters. No one else ranks up to 600(!!!) fighters per division and updates weekly. We are able to do this because the rankings are 100% software generated based on current fight results, with no human intervention or opinion bias.

Is it recognized by major organisations? No. Does that matter? No. You said in your OP that the official UFC rankings are basically BS, so not being recognized by major organisations actually gives us more credibility. I had former WSOF CEO Lampmann offer moneys to artificially boost the ranking of his fighters, but our integrity is not up for sale.

What is the reason you keep it all hush hush and not public?

Competition is healthy, and it's a lack of that which makes people/companies lazy and why we end up with errors in every blog article, a shitty website, a shitty app and a shitty database.

Go public, the other places will have to compete or own up to their lazyness and fade away. Phone Post 3.0

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their rankings make no sense